Private Training

How to start your personal journey:

  1. Take a look at the different routines that can be found on this website or the ones available on YouTube and try to copy the movements without hurting yourself.
  2. Take a look at the detailed instructional videos that are available on this channel, follow the instructions and integrate the knowledge into your daily practice.
  3. Visit a retreat related to the form that you would like to learn or improve. Follow the instructions during the retreat and put effort into your training.
  4. Depending on the availability and upon request, it is possible to book private lessons during your stay at the retreat (OR also separately without joining a retreat).

Nevertheless I strongly recommend to follow the previous 3 Steps first, before booking your private training.

If you are interested in learning Shaolin Qi Gong or Kung Fu in private lessons and under the direct guidance of Master Shi Heng Yi, please send your enquiry in the following format:

Name, Surname
Number of private lessons
3 Possible dates for you 

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